City Anonymity

I disappear…

Talking to Cars

I walk a lot and live in a big city so I pass many cars in my daily life, and they pass me. I’ve seen so many cars so often, that I’ve really gotten to know them fairly well. So well, that sometimes I even talk to them. I have a nickname for them. I […]

Matinee Today

The sign while walking down Grant Street reads “Chinese Movie Today.” The signed picture of the punk rocker Osgood Slaughter on the pizza shop wall reminds me to practice writing my signature, using chopsticks, and tying my tie intertwined with black and white prints of movie stars.   Opera on the jukebox and John Cage on Wednesday night […]

Cafe Explorations

There’s nothing better than comfortably easing into a day at a leisurely pace over a hot beverage and a snack at a local cafe. To begin with, a local cafe is not one of the big American or Italian cafe chains like Starbucks or Illy where rushed customers briefly stop to maintain their caffeine habit […]